Today in the city Windsor 22.08.2017
Want To Rent An Apartment In Canada For Under $1,000? Forget It

Most of Canada's rental markets have seen substantial rate hikes over the past year, with Toronto and Vancouver prices for one-bedroom units now heading for the $2,000 mark.And it's becoming decidedly...

Canada's Average House Price Drops As Toronto’s Slump Spreads

For the first time in four-and-a-half years, the average house price in Canada is lower than it was a year earlier — a clear sign that tougher housing rules and rising mortgage rates are taking...

Several people trapped after shelves collapse at Edmonton lumber store

Several people were trapped after a row of shelves holding lumber collapsed at a Windsor Plywood store in north Edmonton.

Un médecin réprimandé après avoir confondu un cancer avec de la constipation

Un médecin fait face à des mesures disciplinaires après avoir traité une patiente pour des problèmes de constipation, alors qu'elle souffrait réellement d'un cancer, à Windsor, en Nouvelle-Écosse.

On Jobs, Canada’s Metropolitan Areas Outperform Their U.S. Peers

"No jobs north of 38 degrees latitude," tweeted Bloomberg contributor Conor Sen. (He was referring to a USA Today story on America's best cities for job seekers). While that's absolutely true for the...

Via Rail seeks to limit scope of wheelchair and mobility aid policy

Via Rail says it only plans to implement revised policy for travel between Quebec City and Windsor, Ont.

Meet Kylie Masse, Canada's First Female Swimming World Champion

Around this time last year, Kylie Masse might not have pictured herself as a world champion and record holder. That all changed at the 2016 Rio Olympics.Still riding the momentum from the bronze medal...

Nova Scotia man charged with animal cruelty: SPCA

Sinclair is set to be arraigned in Windsor Provincial Court on Oct. 3. He's also filed an appeal in attempt to have his dogs to returned to him. 

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